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Network Infrastructure

A secure network infrastructure minimizes downtime and ensures that productivity remains as consistent as possible, no matter what arises.

Now that the world relies on technology for productivity and getting work done a solid network infrastructure system has never been more important. At BCIR we understand that time is valuable and nobody wants to wait on slow connection speeds while trying to be productive. A solid network infrastructure system allows for you to give yourself and your business the best opportunity to always be connected and productive.

We also understand that nobody likes a messy data closet. Are installation technicians will leave your closet looking like a work of art. This allows you to easily find all of your different data ports and adjust them as you need.

Why us?

BCIR INC has been doing structured cabling installations for over 20 years.


We understand and value the importance of security and privacy in the workplace. 

We strive to work with customers to develop, install and maintain systems for years to come.

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