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Sound masking keeps your private meetings private

Sound masking is a series of linked speakers that generates noise at the same decibel and frequency that us humans talk in. These series of speakers help to dampen and mask sound so your clients and offices information can remain private and unheard. Privacy is not the only benefit of sound masking, it also decreases distractions in the office, improves focus, and can reduce stress employees.

Sound masking is required by HIPPA in medical settings but it is useful in other industries as well (other industry applications below). It is a key component to protecting privacy of customers, clients and employees. Sound masking can be used in hotels, banks, offices, insurance companies, nursing facilities, counseling offices, treatment centers, clinics and more. At BCIR we understand how important it is to feel secure when talking about personal or traumatic information.

BCIR can design a system for comfort communication and privacy and can offer individual, personalized volume control capabilities for sound masking in any environment you desire.

All that we would need to get the project started is a site visit to discuss your personal wants and needs in a sound masking system. We then will design a system customized for you by either taking your building blue prints or measuring your building. We then split everything up into zones to create a customizable and personable sound masking experience. This way it can be louder in your louder areas and quiet where you need it most.

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